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LGBTI+Gozo is the first Gozitan organisation that fights towards sexual & gender equality and provides a voice for the queer community. The organisation was founded in May 2015 and aims to represent diversity, inclusion and transparency in all forms and backgrounds.   


From the numerous events the organisation holds, all are aimed to focus on our motto of diversity: to embrace it, share it, and celebrate it. LGBTI+Gozo is built on the foundation of determination, diversity, empathy and openness, to uplift queer people in our community and bridge the gap that stigma and discrimination bring.  


The organisation launches a number of national and international opportunities year round that are aimed in strengthening the queer community in Gozo, whilst expanding our outreach to the public and our allies. These opportunities include: Better Together – a series of seminars about sexuality and sexual health, the LGBTI+ Gozo youth hub that provides a space for youths to connect and converse, and We stand with LGBTI+ Gozo. These are just some of the projects Gozitans can participate in as we work to bring together our community and support each other, regardless of sexuality or gender orientation.   


LGBTI+ Gozo participates and partners yearly with a number of Gozitan, Maltese and international organisations, for events and functions that facilitate the queer experience, such as Pride week and Queer Camp. LGBTI+Gozo is also active in policy forums and provides a voice for queer Gozitans national and local government. 


The organisation is run by a group of voluntary executive members who handle the day-to-day operations, while being supported by a number of squad members who engage in ongoing projects and up-and-coming initiatives. LGBTI+Gozo has a strong membership base of over 100 queer Gozitans and allies, and the organisation always welcomes new voices and members to our community. 


LGBTI+ Gozo provides a number of services to the queer community in Gozo, that act as a middle link between what is offered in Malta and what is denied in Gozo. In 2015, the organisation recognised the lack of GU Clinic services in Gozo, the lack of accessible HIV medication and limited access to the Gender Wellbeing Clinic for Gozitans. Through lobbying and policy. Press statements and media interviews in May 2021 the GU Clinic opened its doors in Gozo at the Gozo General Hospital. It is here that HIV positive individuals can now also access their medication on the island. 


These disparages in accessibility for basic health rights are major challenges for all Gozitans, and the organisation fights to make these services a regularity for Gozitans. You can support these initiatives by becoming a member. 

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Diversity: Embrace it - Share it - Celebrate it

Our Mission

LGBTI+ Gozo is to promote and raise awareness regarding the LGBTI+ community and issues affecting it whilst organising events aimed to include all LGBTI+ peers and supporters.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To provide support and information for the LGBTI+ community in Gozo, be a platform of inclusivity and be a stepping stone to all who need aid, whilst educating the public on various facets of the society, on the acceptance of diversity within our society and on LGBTI+ legislation together.

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Our Values

Determination: The organisation believes that through determination, any challenge or obstacle can be overcome.

Diversity: The organisation’s core value is that of diversity, LGBTI+ Gozo believes that diversity does not hinder society but rather makes it stronger.

Empathy: LGBTI+ Gozo believes in understanding the feelings of others by putting oneself in another shoe.

Openness: LGBTI+ Gozo believes in being open to any experience or situation and in having an open mind, ready to learn and challenge one’s own bias and belief.

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