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Giving a Voice to Gozitan LGBTI+

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LGBTI+ Gozo is the only queer organisation on the island of Gozo. Established in 2015, the organisation is a key player in promoting equality between individuals, whilst providing a safe space for queer Gozitans through a number of social events, awareness campaigns and educational programs.

It offers a set of services to queer youths, queer elders and parents of queer individuals together with a community outreach program to educators, civil society and the general public on the meaning of diversity and inclusion.

The organisation is a recognised voluntary organisation, proud member of ILGA-Europe, IGLYO, National Youth Council of Malta and is part of the consultative council within the Ministry for Justice, Equality and Consumer rights.


Diversity: Embrace it - Share it - Celebrate it

Our Motto

Eman Borg



Policy student, human rights activist, youth champion, travel geek, Formula 1 fanatic, Coldplay freak. Lover of books. 

Antoine Spiteri

Executive Member


Teacher, scout leader. 

Wilbert Tabone

Executive Member

Policy activist, Digital Cultural Heritage guru, PhD student, Artificial Intelligence and User Experience evangelist, brewer of beer, bookworm, Potterhead.


Reb Xiberras



Human rights activist, philosophical conversationalist, cooking lover, bookworm, movie enthusiast, coffee addict. Lover of sushi.


Antonella Bugeja

Secretary General


Singer, pianist, bookworm, globetrotter, lover of psychology and deep conversations.

Cat Camilleri

Executive Member


Published writer and poet, ESL teacher, native New Yorker, amateur mandolin player, lover of cats, fools and beautiful things


We're always happy to get to know you more. 

Email: lgbtigozo@gmail.com

Phone: +356 99356622

Registered VO: 1862

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